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Elizabethtown College

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Both a private and public sector partners

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6,819,121 (2004) 5,872,447 (1999)

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TDR Concrete Cure Sensors

Areas of expertise and research interests
We develop novel process-monitoring systems for industrial application based on our high-speed dielectric sensing technology. We provide measurement service and consulting in related areas of dielectric research including: bullet High-frequency process sensing and millimeter-scale fault detection. Broadband complex permittivity and impedance analysis to 10 GHz. Microwave cavity characterization in low-loss materials to 18 GHz. Custom Microwave Cavity manufacture and sales. bullet TDR and Microwave Cavity acquisition and analysis software. General polymer characterization including DSC and FTIR. Our consulting draws on our unique combination of high-frequency physics and polymer chemistry geared to industrial application.

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