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PERC’s Climate Change & Sustainable Energy Conference

A Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium (PERC) Climate Change & Sustainable Energy working team, in response to input from a number of PERC campuses,  has developed an agenda for this year’s Annual Meeting sure to provide usable information for those Member and Affiliate Schools working on making progress on the climate change and sustainable energy. The Conference Packet is available for downloading here.

The annual meeting was held on the Susquehanna University Campus.  This consortium of about 70 Pennsylvania schools is an active group of faculty and staff who network together to promote sustainability efforts on our campuses.  It is a grass roots, bottom-up effort. Their aim is to foster awareness through education and hands-on experiences as they work to involve students and administrations in sustainability programs.

Three panel discussions highlighted the event along with industry contributors.  The focus was to assess measuring progress in sustainability efforts.  This first panel described how Green-house-gas emissions are measured at various schools.   The second discussed and compared results from recent measurements. The third focused upon how progress on campuses is communicated internally and externally.

Not all of the Pennsylvania schools are working at the same level of commitment.  5 out of the 70 schools are doing well and meeting their goals.  While working toward sustainability is voluntary, the positive result of the sustainability progress has huge impacts on energy costs and student enrichment.

A week-long conference called EnergyPath 2013 is planned.  PERC has 35 scholarships to provide to individuals and groups.  There are hands on focus sessions for Hydroelectric, Solar PV, Wind, Efficiency and sustainability. The value of these scholarships offset the membership fees.  Check out the PERC web page for more information.

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