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The Innovation Transfer Network (ITN) offers a variety of opportunities for faculty, students, and business to interact, and the quarterly Forums are just one example.  These forums are an informal gathering of individuals representing academia and companies, those interested in discussing trends, new projects, company growth, economic development, and just plain cool stuff.

We've developed these forums based on the critical mass of interested parties who have come together and demonstrated a willingness to exchange ideas and collaborate.  Here is a brief overview of these forums:

Simulation and Serious Games XChange:

Faculty, students, and businesses interested in simulation and serious games are invited to join this quarterly confab.  The informal group meets to discuss gaming industry trends, to share interesting projects, identify potential resources, and engage in plans to raise the visibility of gaming talent in the region.  The meeting agenda includes brief presentations, upcoming gaming events, new ideas for future projects and grant options when applicable.  This group typically meets the second Wednesday of the designated month. If you like to join our online gaming community on a separate Ning website, email us at and we'll send you an online invite.

Here is a link to the next SSGX meeting.

Engineering Forum:

The Engineering forum is an informal gathering open to faculty, students and businesses who are interested in discussing and sharing new technologies, trends, and interesting projects, all in engineering. Types of engineering can include industrial, civil, mechanical, electrical; you get the idea, it's open to all specialties.

Here is a link to the next Engineering forum.


Or view a full list of upcoming events.